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How do I create the perfect video?

December 6th, 2017 Posted by Tutorials 0 thoughts on “How do I create the perfect video?”

First of all, you should dress ass if you would to a job interview. Remember that your clothes shouldn’t contain any logos or labels that might distract from you. Also, you have to look for a suitable location. It`s important that there isn’t too much background noise. At best, you’re recording the videos during the day in a place that provides good lighting conditions. A good place could be in front of a window at your home. Also keep an eye on the background, which shouldn’t show any private images. You should always film with the light and never against it. Some test recordings before the actual recording can help you to test the lighting conditions.

Let`s have a look at your smartphone setup: Make sure you put the smartphone on a solid ground so that it doesn’t wobble too much. You can use a tripod or build a small construction yourself to achieve this. During the recording, you should stand inside the mask shown on the smartphone screen. Don’t forget to pay attention to your pronunciation and be self-confident because you finally want to get the job.