All Answers on your questions regarding the close-up video application

The most frequently asked questions about our close-up portal are listed below. The list is constantly updated. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re glad!

Make sure you shared the videos via the “share” icon at the top right margin of the slot. In addition, you have to share your PDF application on the Management on the homepage.
The management on the homepage provides you an overview of the status of your slots.
The following tutorial will also help you: How is the Close-up process done?

Yes! With our express option, you can obtain your application within 3 working days. For that select express as an additional option, when purchasing.

When you upload your PDF on the management you can delete or replace it.

However, after sharing your PDF on the homepage you cannot change anything because the close-up teams start editing your file.

Send us an email to, we will help you.

If you did not receive an e-mail after working 5 days that your close-up application is ready to use, please contact us:

Unfortunately, you cannot book additional services after you have received the order confirmation.

That is no problem. On the login page you have access to the “Forgot my password” Button. There you register your e-mail address and we send a link to that address to reset your password.

Yes that is possible. Your application videos are saved on our servers for one year with a link to your PDF. This way your PDF remains small and compact. The small size of you PDF makes it easy for you to upload them on portals or send them by e-mail.

Yes, even that is possible. Your videos will be shown via QR codes. To watch the videos you just have to scan the code with your smartphone camera.

Recording the videos in the app fits you if you want to produce them in a familiar environment with your own smartphone from your home. You have the maximum design freedom and there are no limits to your creativity. Moreover, our app offers you many tutorials for more support.

Studio or App? What should I choose?

Yes! The design and presentation of the content is entirely up to you. If you only want to implement 2 videos in your application PDF, just show us while recording in the unwanted section a black picture. The easiest way to show a black picture is to put a hand for 1-3 seconds in front of your smartphone camera, while recording.

How is the Close-up process done?

A slot allows you to record videos in our close-up app. One slot consists of 3 sections, of your cover letter, your CV and your skills. You are completely free to focus different topics in your application videos. In every section of the slot you have the possibility to record, select and play the videos. You use the sections recording and play for filming yourself and watch your recorded video. For every video you have as many tries as you need. You choose the section select, when you want to use an already recorded video in another slot.

You will need the management on our website to upload your written application PDF so the close-up team can edit it and implement your videos. Moreover, you can download your finished close-up application there. The management also allows you to have an overview of your slots and their processing status.

There are several freeware versions that allow you to merge multiple documents to create a single PDF. Please have a look on the internet. This step is very important because you can only upload one PDF document in management for editing.

Access is only available to people and companies to whom you share your videos with. In addition, your videos will be deleted from our server after one year.

At the Federal Employment Agency in Germany, you can get help for the initial application costs. Prerequisite for this is that the applicant according to § 45 SGB III either unemployed, threatened with unemployment or looking for a training position. This application has to be completed and approved by the Employment Agency. The average values per application is 5 euros, the maximum amount can be up to 260 euros. For more information inquire a local person from in the Employment Agency or click here: