The focus on your personality

At metru we work on the future of applications. With Close-up we are developing a new way of applying. Through videos you will find a company you really want to work for. With Close-up you have the possibility to show yourself and your personality in an authentic way and to convince the employer even before the job interview. Videos are the future. More than 82% of content in the internet contains videos. This number of videos will even grow, not without reasons is Youtube the second biggest search engine with over 3 billion views every day. That is why Close-up offers you an easy way to combine videos with your application.

What is Close-up

Take the chance and give employer the opportunity to meet you before the job interview. Record 3 videos with the Close-up app. Combine your personality with your qualifications; show who you really are and what potential you have. We implement your videos in your written PDF-application and you can send your file as always. Use Close-up to stand out from your competitors and make a lasting impression to companies.

Our values and vision - Your Story in Motion

metru was created by the media production company Opendoor Pictures. This way we became specialists on the production of recruiting films. As experts of visual language, our strengths lies in powerful ideas and there implementation.

Our vision is to pave a new way ahead to improve the communication between candidates and employer. Things which a particular important for us are personal exchange and open communication. Through videos candidates can show their individual personality next to their written application.

We set ourselves the target of making applications by app as simple and authentic as possible.

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