Studio or App? What should I choose?

December 5th, 2017 Posted by Tutorials 0 thoughts on “Studio or App? What should I choose?”


You’ve got the choice: Do you prefer to record the videos in a studio or with the Close-up App? Choosing studio production you will get a high gloss product. The studio recording is right for you if you want to shine with your application videos and look more professional. The individual videos are recorded in one of our metru studios with two cameras. Optionally, you will receive a coaching from our experienced staff and perfect your appearance. Our pleasant working atmosphere takes away any shyness from the camera. Video production using our app is great for you if you want to easily and comfortably record the videos from home with your own smartphone. It is up to you alone to decide how many attempts you need for the perfect video. In addition, you can include personal elements in your videos. Of course, we will give you helpful tips in the app!

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