Which product is right for me?

December 5th, 2017 Posted by Tutorials 0 thoughts on “Which product is right for me?”


When choosing a product, it depends on the “how” you want to apply. You can buy slots with a different number of PDFs. Various packages have been put together that are geared to different needs, as they differ in the slot and PDF number. If you want to promote yourself to more than one company and do not want to make a new video every time, you can use your videos several times for different applications. If you want to advertise a company specifically tailored to your needs and directly address them in the videos, the individual package is right for you as you can choose your slot and PDF number individually. In summary, a slot consists of at least one PDF and contains three videos that you can, for example, cover the topics cover letter, CV and knowledge. If you want to use multiple PDFs for a slot, the three recorded videos will be integrated into multiple application PDFs.