How do I prepare my pdf for my application?

December 5th, 2017 Posted by Tutorials 0 thoughts on “How do I prepare my pdf for my application?”


There are two ways for you to design your application. Either you use one of our templates. The design and layout are already given. Check out our finished designed templates on our website, if you like them, you can download them as Word file and add your text. Alternatively, you can design your application individually and download our templates, which you can place in your application. We’re using those to place them on the spot where you put the templates. These can also be downloaded as Word files and place them anywhere on your application. Attention: If you want to insert less than 3 application videos, then please position only the appropriate number of templates in your application. No matter which option you choose, when you’re done editing, you’ll turn your Word file into a PDF. Then you upload your PDF to the management on the Close-up website.