3 steps to your video application

1st step

Our shop offers you a selection of different products. Choose the product that suits you best.
You can decide whether you want to record your videos via Close-up app or in one of our in Germany based metru studios.

2nd step

If you have chosen to record your videos via smartphone, download the Close-up app. For each application you can record three videos to your cover letter, your CV and your skills. Afterwards you upload your videos with your Close-up account within the app. With that step you give us the approval for editing your videos. You can upload your PDF with your application file on our website. If you want to record the videos in one of our studios, just make an appointment with us.

3rd step

We cut and edit your videos after you have uploaded them. To improve the video quality, Color Grading and Sound Design can be applied. After 3 to 5 working days your finalized application with integrated videos is ready for download on our website. Now you can use your Close-up application individually. Whether in printed or in digital form.

You have the choice where to record your videos! Using your smartphone at home or visiting one of our studios


Sense of well-being

Record videos comfortably and without pressure from home. Our app supports you with helpful tips.


Record the videos as many times as you want. Once you are satisfied, you can share your videos in the app.


Close-up is quick, simple and creative. The content and presentation is up to you. So let your imaginations run wild.


The high number of tutorials do not leave any question unanswered. In the case you have one please check our FAQs.




We work with 2 cameras and 3-point lighting – In addition, extensive color and sound corrections are possible.


We are constantly expanding our locations so you can reach our metru studios as easily as possible.


Our years of experience in the film industry give us the ability to support you with your recording and give you important advice.


Our expertise in imagery and the use of the right technology will give your application a special brilliance.



Currently, more than 4 billion videos are viewed on the Internet every day. In the HR industry, videos will catch on in the age of digitization as well.

Cultural Fit

Companies are increasingly looking for candidates who match their values and views. Your personality shows the employer that you fit into the corporate culture.


Based on your personality you will be invited by suitable companies. Close-up increases your chances of a job interview and gives you an advantage over competitors.


We provide you with full control over your application – you decide who gets access. We do not share your data with third parties.


With Close-up you have the possibility to show the employer your personality authentically and leave a lasting impression.


According to § 45 SGB III, unemployed persons, as well as trainee seekers, can receive supportive services from the employment agency in Germany.